Cheraine Collette
Marvels series

How will places look, when forces of nature reclaim what once was lost? Will the new inhabitants of these marvels simply be bypassers or will they stay and make thriving cities of nature’s life. Because of mankind, the animals have been pushed to live in the most abandoned regions of the earth. In search of places where men are rarer than animals. Shall the ballrooms be again a place of dance and joy, rooms full of life, and the buildings a place of comfort and shelter against the crude forces who retook them? This series was made in collaboration with Cheraine Collette who was responsible for the photography of the animals and post production.

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Heather Beamish –
Poetry Secrets of Neglected Places

While compiling the photos for my book, Secrets of Neglected Places, I was trying to find someone who could write beautiful texts to compliment my art. Someone who could not only look at my work and see into the soul of photos I had taken but someone who could also feel their essence; hear their stories; translate their magic. Heather Beamish was that person.

Through her work, Heather explores the complex intersections of culture, home, identity and purpose. As you read her poems you allow yourself the pleasure of being whisked away into the mystery of the photos. For each chapter in the book she has written a beautiful text. Look at the photo. Read the text. Feel the story.

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