Marvels series

How will places look, when forces of nature reclaim what once was lost? Will the new inhabitants of these Marvels simply be bypassers or will they stay and make thriving cities of nature’s life. Because of mankind, the animals have been pushed to live in the most abandoned regions of the earth. In search of places where men are rarer than animals. Shall the ballrooms be again a place of dance and joy, rooms full of life, and the buildings a place of comfort and shelter against the crude forces who retook them?
This series was made in collaboration with Cheraine Collette who was responsible for the photography of the animals and post production. Cheraine made the photos alive and magical.

Cheraine Collette

When graduating in Photographic Design in 2015, her graduating Avant-Garde series ‘Upside Dawn’ included two main pieces she made lenticular. It has been exhibited at Amsterdam Fotovakschool and the Dutch Fotofestival Naarden with a nomination for the Joke Veeze Award. Winning multiple awards and featured by internationally acclaimed photography websites such as 500px and Viewbug. Most recently she won 1st place at the International Photography Awards(IPA) 2019 in Fine Art for the ‘Marvels’ series in collaboration with me. She also won an honorable mention at the IPA 2019 in Fine Art for the photograph ‘Uplifting’ from the ‘Where Is Adam?’ fine art nude series.
Nature is often the connecting factor in her work. Combining fashion with nature, animals and art, most of the time through the use of photo manipulation. This as a way to create a world where one will often find themself between fantasy and reality. In this age of visual abundance she continues to be fascinated and passionate about photography and visual arts.

Cheraine forms a team with Ferron Collette, her brother who creates metal pieces under the name of FERFERRO®. Together they combine multidisciplinary skills. They use traditional techniques as well as digital media, including 3D visualizations. This resulted in the LEF3D collaboration.

LORLEON® is a registered Trademark since Jan. 2016.

Unique artworks

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