In this thick coffee table book, you will be taken on a revolutionairy journey through the past with photography and poetry. Allow the enclosed pictures and poems from Heather Beamish to escort you to a forgotten time in history; a time that goes beyond our present-day architecture. Let your imagination have mastery over your senses so that you don’t just flip through these pages, but instead, you see, hear, smell, feel and experience the worlds these pages introduce. Walk through the corridors of love, sorrow, sadness and decay.

Secrets of Neglected Places is bigger and more exclusive then my first book Journey to Forgotten Dreams. Different countries, unique locations en made with a different style of photographing.

  • Hardcover. 27 x 21 cm
  • 202 pages. 170 gram Silk-Coated paper
  • Photos and Poems written by Heather Beamish
  • Published by Pumbo, 2019. ISBN 978-94-6345-522-0

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Your dream of today is the history of tomorrow. Open your eyes and experience this utopia. Step inside the world of the forgotten glory. Ruinous empty buildings, abandoned houses, the character of a monastery or the history of an abandoned castle. A place with a true story.
The beauty of decay, the value of materialism, which simply becomes a prey of time. Ceilings crumble, floors sink, paint peels, tree trunks that make the floors move, ivy growing through the windows. destructive force of time, simultaneously beautiful and powerful. Mother nature is taking over. The adrenaline of exploring those locations and showing beautiful images where nobody has been before. Locations with another side waiting to be revealed.

  • Hardcover. 27 x 20 cm
  • 80 pages. 200 gram Silk-Coated paper
  • Photos and history about some places
  • Published by Pumbo, 2015. ISBN  978-94-9247-541-1

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