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    Powered by Martin Custers, Butterfly Glaskunst

    • 3 November Custers Photography opens their doors to the exhibition "Abandoned Butterfly". Modernization rises, history disappears. The beauty of decay brings ancient authenticity back to life. A castle left abandoned to the elements, or leave your home and never come back. The one with an indescribable story and the other with a speechless look. The secret world parallel to everyday life. Entering abandoned houses, sinister hospitals or churches with all the ornaments still present. With a rush of adrenaline, and sometimes a lot of danger around the corner. A look over our shoulder. And this in combination with stained glass. Art like you never saw before. The exhibition is in association with Butterfly Glaskunst. You can visit the exhibition but also a workshop stained-glass. For more information, I refer you to the contact page.

      Date: 3 November till 31 december 2014.
      Opened: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 10am - 3pm.
      Address: Boomkenstraat 93, Eijsden (The Netherlands).